Mahlon Craft

Mahlon F. Craft Mahlon is a fine arts photographer, graphic designer, and fine arts print maker. With wife, artist Kinuko Y. Craft, he manages Craft Partners/Kinuko Y. Craft Arts and Windy Hill Editions, an in-house fine arts press, devoted to publishing limited editions of Kinuko’s art. Between 1967 and 1973 he worked as an […]

Rick Schatzberg

Rick Schatzberg Rick Schatzberg’s photographs reflect his interest in exploring and describing places, which he sees as a combination of ethnography, imagination, geography, and autobiography. He is based in Brooklyn Heights, NY & Norfolk, CT. A graduate of the General Studies program at International Center of Photography in 2015, Rick has had a varied career. […]

Katherine Griswold

Katherine Griswold             Katherine is a portrait, event, and fine arts photographer. She enjoys shooting natural subjects, particularly animals, trees, and landscapes. Katherine’s photographs appear regularly on the websites of both the town of  Norfolk, CT, and the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival. Her work is featured in Diane Smith’s […]

Christopher Little

Christopher Little, Christopher is a photojournalist and fine arts photographer and has worked as a freelance photographer for more than thirty-five years. His photographs have appeared on the covers of over 300 books and magazines. Chris’s photographic assignments have taken him to seventy-seven countries and all fifty of the United States. He has photographed twelve […]

Anita Holmes

  Anita Holmes Editor & Project Leader Anita Holmes is a writer, editor, book designer, and photographer specializing in landscape, fine arts, and nature photography. She is the author of numerous children’s and general interest non-fiction books, Cactus: The All-American Plant, Four Winds Press; Pierced and Pretty; The Complete Guide to Ear Piercing, Pierced Earrings, and […]

Babs Perkins

Babs Perkins   Babs is a travel-documentary and landscape photographer and her work focuses on cultural documentation and preservation.  Occupationally Babs has taken what could be referred to as the scenic route to her career. Initially wanting to be a chef, she apprenticed in several kitchens in the northwest corner of Connecticut, obtained a […]