Peter Coffeen

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Peter Coffeen

Photo Editor

         Peter calls himself “a serious amateur photographer with artistic ambitions,” not a professional photographer. He is basically self-taught although he did have an apprenticeship with Lilo Raymond, a well-known art and commercial photographer. He is also an avid collector and as such has developed the “eye” of a true professional.

Peter likes to say that he “stumbled into photography like someone discovering a buried treasure. ‘Photography’ itself taught me photography.” His major interests in his own photography are still lifes, design in nature and the built environment, flowers, and tarnished, weathered materials. He is drawn to geometric design, proportion, play of light on color, mass, balance, and the mystery of “the thing itself,” whether it be in nature or of human construct. He admires the painterly print.

Each year Peter exhibits works in the Norfolk Artists & Friends group art show at the Battell Stoeckel Gallery in Norfolk. He has also had solo exhibitions at the Norfolk Library and has participated in a group art show at Nobel Horizons Gallery, Salisbury, CT.